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Coti Marangoni

Service & UX Designer
My Work

About me

I’m Coti – an Argentinian service and UX designer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

I help companies innovate and make customer-centric decisions by uncovering opportunities where business vision and customer needs meet.

I specialise in service design, user experience design, and user research.

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customer centric

How I work

Holistic approach

Holistic means whole. In order to understand any concept or problem, it’s necessary to look at the whole context rather than the isolated facts. When starting a new project, I look at the bigger picture and how everything is connected before zooming in on the specific challenges and possibilities.

Visualising complexity

Aligning our understanding is vital in identifying and prioritising opportunities and solutions. I facilitate alignment by translating complex concepts into simple visualisations everyone can understand.

Engaging stakeholders

Depending on the set strategy and the desired outcome, I tailor the process to explore, ideate and prioritise concepts and solutions, engaging customers and stakeholders in diverse activities.


The insights, maps, journeys, blueprints and any other artefact co-created during the process will guide teams in making customer-centric decisions and delivering the best customer experience.

What is service design?

Service design, UX design, customer experience design, and human-centric design are different labels to describe the same discipline. What matters more than a name is what it stands for. Service design calls for a shift in focus – a service provides help or a solution to a specific need

Service designers look for a deep understanding of the customer needs a service (or product) satisfies, balancing them with business value and technological opportunity to create innovative solutions. 

The service design process engages stakeholders and customers in research and co-creation activities, breaking silos and going beyond the business operational processes to design impactful experiences and long-lasting relationships.



Recent projects

Learn more about my expertise and customer-centric approach through a selection of recent projects.

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