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About me

In 2019, my boyfriend Mauro and I decided to move from Buenos Aires to Amsterdam, looking for a new start, better life quality and more opportunities.

With mixed emotions, we quit our jobs, sold most of our stuff and embarked on this adventure with our cat Valkyria. It was a bold decision. It was a life-changing decision. And it was the best decision we ever made.

Taking this leap of faith wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but going through this experience made me more resilient and mindful. In return, I get to live the life I dreamt of with Mauro and Valkyria, treasuring every moment with family and friends old and new.

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Work with me

A work culture that promotes collaboration and transparency and empowers everyone to come forward with their ideas and expertise is the perfect fit for me. Working with like-minded, talented people gives me energy and inspires me to be my best. 

I combine strategic thinking with hands-on creation and experimentation. Rather than talking about ideas, I prefer to try things out and learn quickly. My favourite projects are those that allow me to take the lead, drive innovation and find new and imaginative ways of solving problems.

Count me in for pushing boundaries, testing new concepts, and disrupting just about anything.

methods & tools

My toolkit

I combine different methods and service design tools depending on the project and desired outcome. And sometimes, I design my own.

Overall, my go-to methods and tools are:

For discovery and insight generation

Stakeholder & user interviews, observation (shadowing), stakeholder maps and ecosystem maps, problem framing

For visualising and co-creating

Concept sketching, journey mapping, interaction flows, service blueprints, need based personas, process maps

For validation and experimentation

Design sprint, usability tests, wireframing, prototyping (digital & physical), online surveys, pilots



Recent projects

Learn more about my expertise and customer-centric approach through a selection of recent projects.

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