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service & UX design portfolio
Randstad Groep Nederland

New concept co-creation

Candidate scarcity is a challenge many companies are facing in the current market. In this context, RGN wanted to tap into its ever-growing candidate database’s potential to increase candidate matches and improve fill rates. 

I worked on the ideation, design and validation of a new concept with a multi-disciplinary team and Randstad’s recruiters.

The approach

A good understanding of the underlying problems allowed us to identify the possibilities early on. The goal was to provide candidates with a better experience – from online registration to finding a job. To do that, we had to offer a better way for recruiters to serve candidates. 

Combining insights from research and available technology, we built a proof of concept for our solution and set up a pilot group to validate and iterate on it. We asked a group of recruiters to try this new concept in their day-to-day work.

The outcome

This approach enabled us to learn how the solution worked in real-life scenarios and what new challenges arose. Halfway through the pilot, we run a design sprint to co-create the next iteration with the end users and development team. The result was a new validated prototype that our team took on to build the next iteration of the solution, as well as several quick fixes that would improve the recruiters’ experience.

After a few more iterations, validated with the pilot group, the solution was launched to the whole country and is being used today by all Randstad recruiters.

Randstad Global

Driving innovation & customer-centricity

Contact me to learn more about how I’m helping Randstad meet the needs of clients and candidates worldwide; by leveraging global customer insights and identifying strategic opportunities to design new services.

Randstad Groep Nederland

Mapping end-to-end service delivery

Randstad recruiters and consultants are at the core of the company’s service offering towards clients and candidates. We were asked to map the end-to-end consultant journey to uncover opportunities to improve their experience and impact candidates’ and clients’ journeys.

The approach

We collected insights from previous studies and conducted several journey-mapping interviews to gain a deep understanding of consultants’ work and responsibilities. After analysing and classifying all the insights, five journeys were mapped to cover all aspects of the consultants’ interaction with clients and candidates and administrative tasks.

I also used these insights and other studies to create need-based consultant personas. The personas will allow a deeper understanding of the journeys in different scenarios and a more personalised approach to the consultants’ experience.

The outcome

The consultant journey framework provides insight into the experience, motivations and pain points of a critical player in Randstad’s ecosystem. Connected to other customer journeys, it allows us to find opportunities for improvement and assess the impact of new initiatives.

Farmacity (Arg)

Improving in-store customer experience

Farmacity – a large retail company from Argentina – hired us to research and design a self-checkout solution for their stores in Buenos Aires. Their challenge was to get customers to complete their purchases during peak hours in the store instead of having them abandon their products before checkout due to the long cashiers’ lines.

The approach

After observing and surveying customers at the stores, we understood the motivations for customers to shop at Farmacity – speed of service being at the top of the list. To provide an optimal self-checkout experience, we also interviewed employees to uncover current challenges when checking out products.

We designed and tested a digital/physical prototype in-store with real customers walking in.

The outcome

After a couple of iterations and in-store experiments, we delivered and implemented the final solution in selected stores, along with the customer journey, highlighting opportunities to continue improving the customers’ overall experience.

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